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Psycho-oncology clinic

The objectives of the Psycho-Oncology Clinic of the Institut Jules Bordet are:

  • the psychological and psychiatric management of the patients and/or those close to them,
  • the development of clinical research projects,
  • healthcare-provider/patient communication training and psycho-oncology training in general.

The common objective of the psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, neuropsychologists and smoking cessation specialists of the Psycho-Oncology Clinic is to preserve and improve the quality of life of patients with or who have had cancer. They are available for the patients themselves and for those close to them (children, partners, siblings, etc.).

Research projects

The Psycho-Oncology Clinic has developed specific and valuable collaborations with the ASBL Psycho-Oncology Centre and with the Psychosomatic and Psycho-Oncology Research Unit of the ULB. Each research project is based on this collaboration and is coordinated by a member of the Psycho-Oncology Clinic, under the supervision of Prof. Darius Razavi.

Project 1

Post-treatment intervention groups
  • Project leader : Isabelle Merckaert
  • Collaboration : CHU Liège (Department of Anaesthesia)
  • Financing : Les Amis de l'Institut Bordet, Fonds Suzanne Duchesne (managed by the Fondation Roi Baudouin), FNRS-Télévie.

Project 2


Project 3

To be supported and to support more effectively: a psychological support proposal intended for the patient and his/her partner

Project 4

Bordet’N Family: support measures intended for children and families in which a family member is suffering from cancer
  • Project leader : Aurore Liénard
  • Collaboration: CHU St-Pierre (Department of Child Psychiatry), Hôpital Erasme.
  • Financing : Friends of the Institut Bordet, Fonds Lucie Damman-Latrique (managed by the Fondation Roi Baudouin)

Projet 5

Optimising doctors’ communication skills in contexts of great uncertainty: an aid to taking collaborative decisions in oncology
  • Project leader : Yves Libert
  • Collaboration : University Psychology and Speech Therapy Clinic (University of Liège), Department of Psychosomatic Medicine (CHU UCL Namur – Godinne site).
  • Financing : FNRS-Télévie, Fonds Lucie Damman-Latrique (managed by the Fondation Roi Baudouin)

Our team

Head of Clinic
Dr Darius Razavi – Psychiatrist

Deputy Heads of Clinic
Dr Grigori Stefos – Psychiatrist

Psychologist Coordinators
Yves Libert
Aurore Liénard

Cindy Borghgraef

Marie Caillier
France Delevallez
Ariane Fauconnier
Amélie Hertay
Florence Lewis
Serge Marchal
Isabelle Merckaert
Sara Oliver Ferrer
Véronique Simon

Françoise Daune

Smoking cessation specialists
Martial Bodo
Hilde Vandecasteele

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